Examples of Previously Produced LifeStories

Back in 1994, Mike O’Krent was invited to participate in one of the largest video recorded histories ever attempted — The Survivors of The Shoah Visual History Foundation. This nonprofit organization, founded by Stephen Spielberg, was established to record testimonies in video format of survivors and other witnesses of the World War II holocaust.

Mike had the privilege to interview hundreds of individuals, each with their own unique LifeStory.

Working on that project gave him the idea of starting LifeStories Alive. Below you’ll find a collection of short segments taken from individual life stories, produced by LifeStories Alive.

We encourage you to click on the videos, and watch these short clips, as we are told the stories of love, compassion, humor, sadness, trials, and triumphs from those who’s stories they are.

Examples of Individual LifeStories

Aunt Sylvia’s Secret to Life

Aunt Sylvia, loved by her family, shares one of the secrets of a successful life. Jeff, her nephew, explains how he missed the opportunity to record his mother’s LifeStory, but is grateful to have recorded his aunt’s.

Stealing a Kiss

Reminiscing of her youth, she shares a story of how one boy stole a kiss. Although she was furious at the time, looking back on the experience, it just all seems so humorous.

Learning Algebra at Catholic School

Methods of discipline have changed over the years. Bob’s incentive to learn algebra would never be implemented, today. However it seem to be the trick for him and some of his classmates.

I Miss My Dad

Bob is a World War II veteran. His Dad was a World War I vet. His Dad used to tuck him into bed at night telling him stories about the War. This video captures the love Bob had for his father by connecting him to a precious memory, a memory of a song.

Examples of Organization LifeStories

History of the Rotary Club of Austin

The Rotary Club of Austin celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2013. This is a clip from the 18 minute video that was shown at the Centennial Celebration gala luncheon.

History of Special Olympics Texas

Special Olympics Texas is moving into their new facility in Austin, Texas in 2015. This video is a brief history of an organization that has touched the lives of thousands of families in Texas over the past 46 years.

Gonzalez Office Products/TCPN

Gonzalez Office Products is a business success story that puts a smile on your face. Beginning by selling out of the back of his pickup truck in Blanco, Texas in 2002, Wayne Gonzalez and his wife, Pam, have built a multi-million dollar business covering the U.S. & Canada. Utilizing their contract with TCPN, they continue to grow and help local dealers across the continent become successful.

B’nai Abraham Historic Synagogue

The oldest Orthodox synagogue building in the State of Texas could have seen the fate of so many small town synagogues buildings across this great state, being sold and converted into something else, long forgotten and rotting away, or even demolition. But Leon & Mimi Toubin along with the Jewish Federation of Greater Austin had other ideas. This is a clip from the video account of moving this historic building from Brenham, Texas to its new home on the Dell Jewish Community Campus in Austin, Texas where it once again serves as a home to a vibrant orthodox congregation.